Puerto Rico and Cuba: Two wings of the same bird; two different responses to natural disaster

A celebration of Puerto Rican Birds!

All out for Sept 20th

Puerto Rican's have been mobilizing in the streets to push back against the cruel treatment by the U.S. government to cut funding for vital human services like healthcare, education, food and water. I traveled to the island in May to see what was happening and how we could help. The video below expresses what our experience was, and what the people on the island had to say about what they need and how they felt about the U.S. government.


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Rise up for Climate Justice!

La Cultura de la Ignorancia

National Assembly Workshop resources

Join the National Assembly on July 14th

How Diasporicans can work in solidarity with those on the island

Join us for a conversation with Giovanni Roberto of Comodores Sociales en Caguas Puerto Rico.

We will discuss how stateside efforts can support the efforts on the island, and hear from Giovanni about some of his efforts through commodores Sociales, and his framework for community empowerment.

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Will you stand with Puerto Rico?

We are calling on all “Friends of Puerto Rico” and all public officials at the state and federal levels to publicly condemn the excessive and violent response by Governor Ricardo Rosello’s administration.

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Why I decided to get arrested for Puerto Rico

It is my goal to use this moment to pour gasoline onto the fire burning within every Boricua to join the movement for justice for Puerto Rico NOW. Not tomorrow, not next week, not waiting until after the next hurricane hits. Our people need you now. 


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