All out for Sept 20th

Puerto Rican's have been mobilizing in the streets to push back against the cruel treatment by the U.S. government to cut funding for vital human services like healthcare, education, food and water. I traveled to the island in May to see what was happening and how we could help. The video below expresses what our experience was, and what the people on the island had to say about what they need and how they felt about the U.S. government.


Those protests happened before we knew 3000 Boricuas had died due to the negligence of the federal government. Those protests happened before entire shipments of food and water were left to rot while people died. Those protests happened and have been happening even well before Maria to address the economic exploitation of our people.

Stateside, Boricuas and our community allies around the country will be mobilizing on Sept 20th. Here in CT there will be at least 2 rallies and we encourage you to join us in building the movement needed to bring justice to Puerto Rico.

Hartford Rally
Bridgeport Rally

We must take inspiration and hope from those on the island who are risking so much to preserve our island for future generations. If you want there to be a Puerto Rico for your children, we must act now.

See you all in the streets on Sept 20th.

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