Executive Committee

 Jason Ortiz, President and Chair of the Board

Born in New London Connecticut to Puerto Rican parents(Añasco y Caguas), Jason was elected President of the Connect Puerto Rican Agenda at the first Public Assembly in June of 2017. After graduating from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Public and Community Engagement, Jason has organized for justice on numerous issues with a number of state and national non-profits. 

Jason has moved from Connecticut to Puerto Rico twice (Santurce y Río Piedras), with the express purpose of better understanding the struggles the island is facing, in addition to learning how to help the movements that are building the Puerto Rico of tomorrow. Knowing his family in Añasco would be directly affected by the coming government cuts, he became committed to working toward long terms solutions for Puerto Rico.

He currently resides in Hartford.


Elmer Rivera-Bello, Vice President

Elmer, who was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut, is a first generation “Boricua” born to parents from Ponce and Orocovis, Puerto Rico.  He is a Husband and father to four beautiful women who inspire him to always be at his best.  He is a Real Estate Broker-Investor with over 20 years of experience in Investment Sales within the CT – NY corridor, who enjoys a good Café con Leche, Cigar, and poetry in his spare time.

From a very young age Elmer has experienced firsthand the unequal treatments that have been perpetuated against himself and his fellow Puertorriqueñ@s both stateside and on the Island.  He had, prior to joining CT-PRA, made it his mission to strengthen, educate, advocate, and struggle for the purposes of preserving our culture and identity, challenge stereotypes and misinformation, and address the ills that have plagued the people of Puerto Rico as a result of colonialism.

With his appointment to the CT-PRA Executive Board he hopes to reinforce his prior efforts at a statewide level, create a bridge between the diaspora and the island, and most importantly UNIFY his people. One People, One Voice, One Agenda!

Elmer is an Alumni of Albertus Magnus College and holds  an AA degree. He is currently pursuing a BS in Finance and aspires to pursue an MBA at the Yale School of Management.

"Other famous men (women), those of much talk and few deeds, soon evaporate. Action is the dignity of greatness." -Jose Marti


Yanira Rios Cruz, Treasurer

Yanira Rios Cruz was born and raised in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico. She is the proud mother of two and currently resides in Bridgeport, CT, where she is an active member of her community and serves as a Board Member of the Green Village Initiative, a non-profit whose mission is to grow food, knowledge, leadership and community through urban gardening and farming, to create a more just food system. Ms. Rios Cruz’s passion for community service is also shared with her passion for education.  Thus, she is currently a student who plans to further her degree in Human Services.   
Ms. Rios Cruz has also participated in many local and statewide initiatives and is a past member of the Connecticut Hispanic Democratic Caucus, a statewide coalition of Latino elected officials and community leaders. Recently, she was elected to the position of Treasurer to the CT Puerto Rican Agenda whose mission is to unite, educate, and create solutions for the Puerto Rican people in Connecticut and Puerto Rico. 
Currently, she is a Research Aide and Outreach Organizer for the Office of United States Senator Richard Blumenthal where she serves as a liaison between the Senator’s constituency and his Connecticut offices.


  Stephanie Mercado-Irizarry, Secretary

Stephanie Mercado-Irizarry is a first-year graduate student pursuing a M.A. in Latino and Latin American Studies at the University of Connecticut. She received her B.A. in Political Science from the University of Puerto Rico in 2014. Her current research includes the study of unstable employment and the displacement of communities through neo-liberal policies, how it leads to the expulsion of the population, and new forms of colonialism in Puerto Rico. Stephanie analyzes the crisis of the last decade through an interdisciplinary lens, where she analyzes how this social and political crisis is narrated and discussed through literature.

Stefanie was a primary organizer in getting the University of Connecticut Graduate Student Senate to pass a resolution in support of the UPR student strikes.  


Melvin Medina, Communications Director


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