Hurricane relief efforts are happening and we need your help


Hurricane Irma is coming and we are not going to wait to begin preparations to help our people. As we have seen time and again, we can not wait till after disaster strikes to get organized, or rely completely on government assistance. To that end we will be organizing various ways that everyone here can help in a manner that is most helpful to efforts on the island.

If you would like to help with hurricane Irma relief efforts, please sign up here.

Hurricane Irma is likely to make plane or boat travel onto the island incredibly difficult if not impossible. Because of this, all donations of supplies will need to wait until we have a clear path and recipient that is operational post hurricane. While we will do donation drives when needed, our primary goal is to ensure our island receives all of the direct immediate disaster relief it needs. This means forcing our elected officials in Congress to treat Puerto Rico with the same urgency as other natural disasters.

Please contact your congressional representatives and demand that Puerto Rico receive full and complete FEMA support and reimbursement.

Once we have the ability to get goods and people to the island, we will have collection locations in Hartford, Willimantic, New Haven and Bridgeport. We will also be looking for support to send individuals with medical or construction skills to the island to help directly. More on these efforts as the situation develops.

If you would like to help with hurricane Irma relief efforts, please sign up here.

We at the CT Puerto Rican Agenda appreciate the outpouring of support we received already, and we look forward to uniting our diaspora community around helping our people weather another storm. 

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