Join us for a big rally in support of Puerto Rico!

CALLING ALL BORICUAS! Join us for a Rally outside Santander Bank in Hartford to bring focus to banks and financial companies that are profiting from plunging Puerto Rico into a humanitarian crisis. This crisis was not manufactured by the people of Puerto Rico, and they should not be the full weight of the needed "sacrifices" to bring Puerto Rico back to solvency. Banks, like Santander, played a role in creating this mess, and they must also shoulder some of the burden of fixing it. 

We will bring attention to the recent actions of the Fiscal Control Board, which Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz wrote “would turn Puerto Rico’s recession into a depression […] comparable to the experience of countries undergoing civil wars.” and "will affect the people for generations to come." 

Local Union 32BJ will be leading the action with support from Councilwoman Bermudez and other Elected Officials. 

This action is in solidarity with other actions around the country: 

Please watch the short DemocracyNow! clip that explains Santander banks role in Puerto rico's economic situation.

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