Luis Gutiérrez Presente!

The Unity March is one week away and the momentum is building! First Carmen Yulin Cruz, Mayor of San Juan signed on, then Hamilton Creator and Weslyan alum Lin Manuel Miranda, and now our next announcement should come as no surprise for those who have been watching congress’s actions on Puerto Rico. The next Unity March speaker is our strongest Congressional Champion Luis Gutiérrez!

Luis has been fighting hard everyday for our people and we are honored to have his endorsement and participation in our historic March on Washington. With his support we know Congress will be paying attention to how many Puerto Ricans will show up. This means we need every single CT based Boricua there standing Presente for our island! 

We know there are lots of CT based Boricuas who want to go but may not have the funds to make it on their own. For this we are partnering with our friends at the Hispanic federation to provide travel free of charge on one of our CT based buses! If you are interested in coming on one of our buses please fill out the two forms below!

The first form is for our CT records so we can coordinate buses and make sure everyone has the latest information and all their needs covered:

The second one is to register directly with the Hispanic federation for our CT based headcount. We can only get travel support if we show there is sufficient interest, so please fill out this form

The march on Washington grows everyday and we are building the diaspora movement we all know is needed and possible. With this march we will show Congress, and our friends and family in Puerto Rico that the Diaspora is mobilizing and we demand justice for Puerto Rico! Pa’lante! 

P.S. To stay up to date and communicate with other CT based boricuas going to the march, join our facebook event page here:

For background information on the March, check out our Unity March Website here:

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