No dumping coal ash in Peñuelas!


CT Puerto Rican Organization calls on Congress and EPA to stop Coal Ash Dumping in Puerto Rico




Primary Press Contact: Jason Ortiz, CT-PRA President 860 639 8101

Spanish Language Contact: Elmer Rivera-Bello, CT-PRA Vice president 203 887 5531

The Connecticut Puerto Rican Agenda (CTPRA), urges all U.S. Environmental organizations to join in our call to demand that congress intervene and halt the dumping of Toxic Coal Ashes in Puerto Rico.  We will mobilize our supporters to demand from our U.S. Legislative Representatives that they respond expeditiously and effectively in demanding a cease and desist order on the disposal and/or use of CCRs as land fill, Agremax, or in any other secondary form from AES Corporation and any of its subsidiaries in Puerto Rico.  The actions of AES Puerto Rico pose an imminent and substantial endangerment to human health and the environment of the residents of Puerto Rico and its families.


This dumping was made possible by a recent back room deal to amend the AES contract, detailed in this scathing report from Periodismo Investigativo:


Activists from all over the Island have held press conferences and actions asking for support from all who care about our environment. The Connecticut Puerto Rican agenda will be answering the call, and encouraging other organizations to do the same.


The CT Puerto Rican Agenda will be calling on all Latino and Environmental Justice organizations to highlight the situation and organize for action both Stateside and in support of the many actions happening daily on the island.


We have created a petition which outlines our first steps. The petition can be found here:


“Letting corporations dump their toxic garbage on our island is not something we should accept, and so we will answer the call for support from the people of Puerto Rico and will mobilize in support of the cities of Penuelas, Guayama, Humacao, Salinas and Arroyo who are resisting in the streets across Puerto Rico. This petition is the first step in mobilizing our people, and if the dumping doesn’t stop our organizing will escalate.“ Jason Ortiz, CT-PRA President, Hartford


“As a Pro-Puerto Rican organization, it is our duty and responsibility to lend voice to the millions of Puerto Ricans on the Island and use our political capital to pressure U.S. Legislative Representatives to stand with the people of Puerto Rico against the contamination of their environment. “ Elmer Rivera Bello, CT-PRA Vice President, New Haven

Here's what you can do right now to help

1. Contact AES directly and demand they halt their dumping of toxic Coal Ash in Puerto Rico:


AES Corporation Headquarters - 703-522-1315

4300 Wilson Boulevard, 11th Floor Arlington, VA 22203


AES Puerto Rico - Tel. 787-866-8117 Fax: 787-866-8139

L.P.Carretera No. 3 KM 142.0Bo. Pte. Jobos Guayama, PR 00784



2.Contact your congressional representative and demand an immediate halt to the dumping of toxic Coal Ash anywhere in Puerto Rico. We want to call everyone, but especially members of the House committee on Natural Resources.


3. Make a donation to an organization who is fighting on the ground in Puerto Rico. We recommend a $20 donation to Vive Boriken.They have been at the encampment in Peñuelas since day one providing various kinds of support. They also came to CT in June to educate us on this issue and the extent of the permanent damage caused by these ashes.


4. Contact any local environmental or Latino groups and ask them to sign our petition demanding an immediate halt to the dumping of toxic Coal Ash anywhere in or around Puerto Rico, and to send their congressional representatives a letter alerting them of this crisis.


5. Change your social media profile picture to the graphic below to show everyone that our island’s natural resources are important to you.



You can find further background information here.


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