Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Network to hold fundraising event Oct 1st


Hurricane Maria has hit and as of yesterday 100% of Puerto Rico was without power, flooding is occurring throughout the island, and according to Luis Davilla from the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration "Over 11,000 people are in shelters". San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz spoke of the devastation to San Juan "The Puerto Rico and the San Juan that we knew yesterday is no longer there"

If you or your family require information on emergency services on the island, please see our information page here. The impact is severe, and workers have only begun to assess the damage. It's clear our people will need our help, and we need to have a plan for how to do it.

As a first step toward that plan, The CT Puerto Rican Agenda has joined with other CT based organizations like The Center for Latino Progress, CICD Puerto Rican Day Parade, The San Juan Center, and The Hispanic Federation to form a network that can respond to this hurricane, and any others in the future. We will be holding our first public event on Sunday October 1st from 12 noon-7pm at 95 Park St, which is the Center For Latino Progress.

Please see the press release below from the network organizers, of which the CT Puerto Rican Agenda is a member. You can share our Facebook event with your friends to help ensure maximum participation.




Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Network to hold fundraising event Oct 1st


Primary: Elmer Rivera-Bello, Vice President CT Puerto Rican Agenda 2038875531, egrivera1@gmail.com


Secondary:Ana Valentin-Jackson, CICD Hartford Puerto Rican Day Parade 8602051526,Mzvalentin@cox.net


Hartford- The “Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief network”, formed in response to hurricane Irma’s impact with Puerto Rico will hold an all-day fundraiser to support the rebuilding efforts for Puerto Rico, and the surrounding Caribbean islands, on October 1st at the Center for Latino Progress, 95 Park St Hartford, from 12 noon to 7pm.


Many of Connecticut's nearly 300,000 Puerto Rican residents remain closely tied to their families on the island and are looking for ways to assist their loved ones. In light of this need, numerous Connecticut non-profit agencies have come together to form The Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Network with the help of the Hispanic Federation to serve as the fiduciary as the network develops.

The “Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Network” is comprised of the CT Puerto Rican Agenda, The Center for Latino Progress, CICD Hartford Puerto Rican Day Parade, and The San Juan Center, working in tandem with the Hispanic Federation and the CT General Assembly’s Puerto Rican Caucus.


“On October 1st we will gather as a community to share information, offer support and better understand what has happened to our island and what we can do to help. We encourage everyone who cares about Puerto Rico to stop by and make a contribution, no matter how small. We need each other right now more than ever, and we’re honored to provide a space for our community to heal and take action.” -Ana Valentin-Jackson CICD Puerto Rican Day Parade Hartford


With news reports citing that Puerto Rico was 100% without power on Wednesday, the network decided that relief efforts would need to be of a scale to match the devastation, making large donations from major corporations and governmental entities a necessity and focus of their efforts.


According to government officials in Puerto Rico, there is an immediate need for building materials and medical supplies.  “We will be calling on all U.S. companies doing business in Puerto Rico to support our people in their time of need. We are all in this together, and now is exactly when large institutions can do a lot of good for those in great need. If you would like to help, please go to www.ctpuertoricanagenda.com and get involved.” Elmer Rivera-Bello, Vice President of the CT Puerto Rican Agenda


“The Puerto Rican community in CT cares deeply about our island and our families who live there. I’m grateful that we, the Center for Latino Progress, can help the efforts of this network and provide a platform for Puerto Rican issues to be discussed and organized around. We have a lot of power here in CT, and we encourage everyone to contact their elected officials and others in positions of power to make supporting our communities is a priority.” Yanil Teron, Executive Director of the Center for Latino Progress


Organizations looking to co-sponsor should send inquiries to: jasonjortiz@gmail.com


For anyone looking to donate from home, There are three easy ways to do so:


~ Text UNITY to 41444


~ Use the donate button at https://hispanicfederation.org/donate/ designate donation to hurricane relief


~ Mail check to Hispanic Federation with CT-Irma Relief in the Memo section of the check and sent to Hispanic Federation, Connecticut State Office, 175 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Hartford, CT 06106

Thank you for your continued support. La lucha continua.

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  • Nilsa Baez
    commented 2017-09-21 17:06:27 -0400
    Finally somewhere people can make donations to help Puerto Rico!
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