The resistance is strong

We made this movie as an effort to show there is more to our story than death and suffering. There is also resilience, growth, new relationships being made and new more self sufficient community organizing happening in more ways than we could possibly express in one video. We did our best to capture those efforts and will go into more detail in future videos.
The resistance in Puerto Rico is alive and strong, we should always remember that as we discuss what is to be done for Puerto Rico.
This video will focus on the direct resistance in the streets, and how those who are working all kinds of efforts will make it 100% clear that millions of Puerto Ricans on the island are organizing for a very different Puerto Rico than what the U.S. government wants for us.
So many people helped make this possible and I will include some of those organizations below. But the reality is this is what is happening right now and all the grassroots group need our help.
Please get off your couch and get in the streets this September 20th as we will mobilize throughout the country to ensure our people are not forgotten and those who's negligence caused the deaths of thousands of Boricuas are held accountable for their crimes.

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