Will you stand with Puerto Rico?

We are calling on all “Friends of Puerto Rico” and all public officials at the state and federal levels to publicly condemn the excessive and violent response by Governor Ricardo Rosello’s administration.

Yesterday on International Workers Day or better known as May Day, many in the U.S. and around the world were able to honor it by demanding improved workers’ rights without the fear of persecution and in relative safety.  A stark difference for the tens of thousands of U.S. Citizens living in Puerto Rico who protested peacefully. These peaceful protestors, as young as elementary kids, instead were met with a militarized tactical police force eager for confrontation and the use of tear gas, rubber bullets, and excessive force.  

The Connecticut Puerto Rican agenda stands with the people of Puerto Rico, and we demand the immediate release of all peaceful protesters whose rights were violated by an excessive crackdown on free speech and the warrantless arrests of protesters in their homes and university dorms. We are appalled by the complete disregard for the safety of life and constitutional rights afforded to all U.S. citizens. It is clear now more than ever before that the diaspora must not rest until the human rights and dignity of our 3.5 million brothers and sisters are recognized and protected.

The Connecticut Puerto Rican Agenda along with its vast network throughout the State of Connecticut is prepared to hold all public officials who turn a blind eye to injustice accountable for not taking a stand against the second-class treatment of the Puerto Rican people.

We encourage all friends of Puerto Rico to contact their elected officials and demand they stand in support of the rights of all Puerto Ricans.

In solidarity,

The CT Puerto Rican Agenda Board of Directors

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